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Experience everything modern living has to offer with our comprehensive range of residential services, designed to enhance your home’s comfort, convenience, and security. From home theaters and distributed audio to automation and outdoor living, our skilled technicians will seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into your space, creating a truly connected and personalized environment.

Our Services


A/V Distribution

Customize your audio-video experience with multi-room devices and high-end 2-channel systems, controlled effortlessly through voice command or button press.

Security Systems/Cameras

Monitor your home with video doorbells, alarm systems, and smart lighting, all accessible through your phone.


Ensure seamless, fast, and dependable connections throughout your home with a whole-home mesh WiFi system.

Media Rooms/Home Cinema

Immerse yourself in movies, TV shows, video games, and music with high-end audio-visual equipment, acoustical treatments, and comfortable seating.

Low Voltage Lighting

Enjoy energy-efficient, cost-effective, and safe whole-home lighting systems, controlled and managed remotely for convenience and customizable settings.

Acoustical Treatments

Minimize echoes and unwanted noise with diffusion panels, bass traps, and sound reflections, perfect for home offices, media rooms, and large open areas.

Home Automation

Interact effortlessly with your home technology, enhancing safety, convenience, control, comfort, and energy savings through automation of lighting, climate, security, A/V distribution, and shades.

Invisible Audio

Integrate luxury audio solutions into any decor style by transforming surfaces like drywall, glass, wood, or metal into sound sources.

Our Services


A/V Distribution

Create an entertaining atmosphere for outdoor gatherings with music, movies, or sporting events, enhancing your outdoor investments.

Security Cameras

Monitor your property with video doorbells, home security systems, alarm systems, and smart lighting, all accessible through your phone.


Extend your seamless, fast, and dependable connections to your outdoor spaces with a whole-home mesh WiFi system.

Outdoor Theatre/Living

Enhance your outdoor experience with entertainment options for back decks, seating areas, fire pits, or pools.

Low Voltage Lighting

Illuminate your landscape with energy-efficient, cost-effective, and safe lighting systems.

Home Automation

Control your outdoor technology with ease, automating lighting, security, A/V distribution, shades, and gates for convenience and energy savings.